Resource Description URL Session
Free Media A list of places to go to get free audio, video, and images for use in projects Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons Creative Commons Licenses around Flickr Images Creative Commons
Jamendo Creative Commons Licenses Music Yippee! It's Free!
Creative Commons The source for information about sharing and using media openly; also a place to license your materials Creative Commons
Wikimedia Commons Database of freely usable media files Yippee! It's Free!
TeachAct Information Copyright Clearance Center information on using materials under TeachAct provisions
Cornell Copyright and Public Domain in the United States Information on the length of copyright, published and unpublished works in the U.S. provided by Cornell University Copyright
Applied Copyright Site Barbara Waxer's site on Copyright and Creative Commons Copyright
USG Fair Use Checklist University System of Georgia's checklist to see if something can be utilized as Fair Use. Creative Commons
Video Clip Decision Tree Resource to help in deciding whether a video can be used Creative Commons
CC License Compatibility Wizard Wizard to assist you in mixing CC licenses for use in projects Creative Commons
Free Sounds Site for free sound clips Yippee! It's Free!
Open Attribute Browser plugin to assist in properly citing CC licensed materials Creative Commons
PSU Copyright Perspectives Penn State site with copyright and fair use information Creative Commons
Americans with Disabilities Act Information and Technical Assistance for the ADA Accessibility
Web Accessibility Initiative Develops guidelines and standards for accessibility on the Web Accessibility
Effective Color Contrast Information to design for people with partial sight and color deficiencies Accessibility
Color Blindness Filter for Images and Graphics Filter to test images Accessibility
Color Contrast Checker Accessibility
Color Blindness Filter for Web Colors Allows you to check colors Accessibility
Introduction to Web Accessibility Information from W3C on web accessibility Accessibility
Web Accessibility Guidelines at a Glance Summary of the guidelines Acessibility
Section 508 Standards A list of the standards for accessibility under Section 508 Accessibility
Flickr Advanced Search Allows you to search and find Creative Commons licensed images and media Yippee! It's Free!
Sourceforge Open Source, Free Software Creative Commons
Eduforge Open Source Learning Lab Creative Commons
Public Domain Flicks Movies that have entered into public domain status Creative Commons
AV Geeks Internet Archive of film, including a lot of public service and civil defense titles from the 40s and 50s Creative Commons
Description of Fair Use Stanford Site Explaining Fair Use Creative Commons
Public Domain Media List of sites having public domain licensed media Creative Commons
SourceForge GNU licensed software Creative Commons
EduForge GNU licensed educational software Creative Commons
Eldritch Press Public Domain Literature Creative Commons
Project Gutenberg Books that are freely available as digitized versions because copyright has expired Creative Commons
Common Craft While not necessarily free or creative commons licensed, these videos help to explain concepts "In Plain English." Yippee! It's Free!
Accessibility Valet Accessibility Checker for Web pages Accessibility
Cynthia Says Online web content accessibility validation system Accessibility
PSU Webstandards Accessibility Site Information on Web Accessibility Accessibility
Web Learning at Penn State Site for folks interested in online learning and distance education
Mind Mapping Software List Look in the upper right-hand corner Yippee! It's Free!
Connexions Create OER Modules and Textbooks OER
Folksemantic Referatory of Open Educational Resources OER
Merlot Peer-reviewed educational materials OER
OER Commons Place to search and find OER materials OER